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Join us for an hour to learn what CKUT is about and how you can get involved with community radio
No registration is required -- just show up to 3647 University (between De Pins and Prince Arthur)
Orientations happen ever third Thursday of the Month (at noon, 3pm, and 6pm)

CKUT is made up of over 300 volunteers who not only produce all the radio shows but also participate in managing the station. It's volunteers who program the shows, voice commercials, produce documentaries, conduct interviews, participate in managing the station, raise money, write radio dramas, solicit music and generally make CKUT what it is. The station wouldn't exist without the energy and talent of volunteers from across Montreal and McGill community.

CKUT's mission is to give everyday people the skills and training to make radio that brings communities together. We have an open door policy when it comes to solid ideas, and can help develop and deliver them to the airwaves. Volunteering at CKUT is a potentially life-altering experience (no joke!). It all starts with a Volunteer Orientation, held the third Thursday of every month. There are 3 sessions to choose from: 12p.m., 3p.m. or 6p.m.

Steps to getting involved at Radio CKUT:

1) General Orientation
No registration is required, just show up
Take a station tour, meet staff and volunteers, and learn more about volunteering at CKUT
Orientations are every third Thursday of the month, 3 times at noon, 3pm & 6pm (every Thursday in September and January) at Radio CKUT: 3647 Université (between de Pins and Prince Arthur)

2) Fill Out a Volunteer Application Form
After your orientation you will be given a form
Don't worry this is not a job application, but a chance for us to get to know you better!

3) Participate in a Training Weekend
6 times per year we invite as many applicants as we can fit back to the station for a weekend of training. Training takes place on Friday night and your choice of Saturday or Sunday sessions.
You will learn everything you need to know to start producing radio at CKUT!

4) Become an Active Member
Fill out a volunteer contract and start making radio! Community members pay $10/year for a Membership Card McGill students already pay $4/semester to Radio CKUT to cover their membership.

What can i do at CKUT?

Volunteers may participate in any of the following areas:

  • Music (programming, interviews, features, sound art, music library, ...)
  • Arts & Culture (programming, interviews, features, reviews, radio plays, ...)
  • News (community news, international news, debates, features, documentaries, ...)
  • Production (on-air,
  • Archiving
  • Special Events & Projects (focus programming, funding drive, benefit concerts, ...)
  • Administration

What if I have never made radio before?

Training is available in the following areas:

  • On-air broadcasting (host/producer)
  • Technical production (off-air)
  • Digital sound editing
  • Interview workshops
  • Minidisk recorder training
  • Music library orientation

All training with each volunteer is directed towards producing something for CKUT-use. Everyone who receives training is required to use their skills for station use as well as teach other volunteers.


  • Must be paid-in-full Member of CKUT.
  • Must have demonstrated intent to continue as a regular contributor at CKUT (minimum of 8 hours over 2 months)

Volunteer Privileges

  • Full access to facilities, resources and training at CKUT.
  • The right to participate in the collective management of CKUT.
  • The CKUT Volunteer Card, used as proof of identity within the station. Only CKUT volunteers and their invited guests are permitted in the station outside of business hours.


  • Membership privileges can be revoked for breach of policy. All members are expected to familiarize themselves with CKUT’s By-Laws and Policy Booklet. The Volunteer Orientation Guide also contains information on the fundamentals of getting involved at the station.
  • Fraudulent use or misrepresentation of membership will be deemed as cause for expulsion from membership.