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2002 Archive - PAST PROGRAMS

Court Decision Rendered on 1996 Pfizer Drug Experiments on Nigerian Children with Meningitis (MP3, Lenght: 16:00).  Elaine Kusel, attorney for 30 Nigerian families who sued the drug multinational Pfizer over human rights abuses in its clinical trials of the antibiotic Trovan on children with meningitis, speaks to Judith Toibb of Radio McGill on the issues & implications of the court ruling.  This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

Resistance on Trial: Activists face legal limbo in the courts and at borders. Jaggi Singh (Montreal activist) joined a panel discussion called "Resistance on Trial" - he spoke with us live during our community news program on Dec. 16th, 2002, just after being released from Israeli custody - but with restrictive conditions set by Israel's occupation policies.  Uploaded in two segments: Jaggi (MP3, Length: 17:14) and Part 1 of Resistance on Trial (MP3, 47:16) with John (OCAP) and dxtr (Summit of the Americas Defendant).  This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

Montreal- The Fight for Housing (MP3, Length: 23:34).  This piece looks at the fight against gentrification in Montreal's St.Henri neighborhood. CLAC - the Anti-Capitalist Convergence has ignited a campaign in the neighborhood, which directly targets those perpetuating gentrification.  This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

Are you a terrorist? Rocco Galati says yeah (MP3, Length: 19:43).  Rocco Galati - Consitutional Lawyer currently defending those accused under new anti-terror laws in Canada - spoke with us prior to his presentation on Anti-Terror legislations sweeping across North America.  Rocco comments on living under Canada's new anti-terror legislation & the secret trials coming to a courtroom near you.  This program is linked at www.radio4all.net. To hear Rocco's presentation in Montreal (mostly in english with some french), visit: ontario.indymedia.org.

Anarchist Resistance to NATO (MP3, Length: 15:13).  An interview with Peter Zaras a member of the Anarchist Federation of Prague. The interview looks at the mobilization against the recent NATO summit in Prague. This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

Israel Asper - King of the CanWest Empire - accuses N. Am. journalists of pushing "Palestinian propaganda" (MP3 and MP3, Length: 27:18).  Media Empires and Mid-East Coverage: Ability (or inability) of journalists to report on the Occpation. Are Sue Montgomery and other mainstream journalists throughout North America on the defensive?  The conversation spins off a publication by Sue's boss: Isreal Asper, who owns 12 metropolitian dailies (including the Montreal Gazette), 120 community newspapers, and the 2nd largest English language TV network in Canada.  A speech presented by Asper in Montreal was excerpted from in the Gazette on Oct. 31st - wherein Izzy blasts North American mainstream media of broadcasting "Palestinian propaganda."  Includes Sue and Kristen's response to Asper's claims, discussion of the abilitites and limitations on journalists covering the "Mid-East," and impact of media empires on journalists. This program is linked at www.radio4all.net and is available in two tracks for easy download: Part 1 & Part 2.

Manufacturing a Massacre (MP3, Length: 24:57).  An interview with Ali Abunimah & Nigel Parry of Electronic Intifada about the recent so-called "massacre" of Jewish worshipers in Hebron. This interview looks at the fact that those killed on November 15th were Israeli soldiers defending a settlement.  This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

Resistance without Reservation (MP3, Length: 18:00).  Nicole Manuel of the Native Youth Movement spoke in Montreal, about the continuing battle against the expansion of Sun Peaks ski resort on to unceded traditional indigenous territories in British Columbia. This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

4 Programs on Continued Resistance Against the FTAA:

Part 1 - Solidarity Against the FTAA: "The people of the South need to see the people of the North" (MP3, 30:25).  Update from Justin (organizing locally in Quito) and William (one of the directors of the CONCERNAS - the largest campesino federation in Ecuador). Both speak on preparations, solidarity, media coverage, and the wave of anti-neoliberal opposition sweeping through Latin America (and the positive links with the anti-corporate globalization movement in the North). This program is linked at vancouver.indymedia.org.

Part 2 - Solidarity in the Streets as FTAA Opens: Voices of 7,000 Marchers in Montreal (MP3, 17:00). Audio collage from the Student Strike that drew participation from over twenty collages and universities across Quebec ... includes voices, chants, and music from march. This program is linked at ontario.indymedia.org.

Part 3 - Quito Update: Media & FTAA ministers put on a "straight face" (a two-part special report). In the face of hemispheric resistance, 7,000 in the streets of Montreal -- thousands more taking to the streets throughout North and South America, FTAA ministers get an earful from a delegation of 45 protesters -- Quito Update (MP3, 48kpbs - 31:52). Includes update on sucessful struggles against neoliberalism in Mexico from andrew kennis (mexico.indymedia.org) (MP3, 16:47). This program is linked at nyc.indymedia.org.

Part 4 - Resisting the FTAA - From Quebec City to Quito (MP3, 23:00). This piece features music, sounds and interviews from the streets of Montreal during the October 31st Student Strike against the FTAA.  Also features an interview with Justin Ruben from Qutio. This program is linked at ontario.indymedia.org.

Giving Away the Farm: The US Farm Bill vs Family Farmers (harvest season radio!). Interview with Director of Food First on the impact of the US Farm Bill on family farmers world wide. Details on corporations to benefit from this bill included, plus discussion on family farmer resistance worldwide (MP3, 14m54s). To read Anuradha Mittal's report, check out http://www.foodfirst.org/pubs/backgrdrs/2002/s02v8n3.html. This program is linked at ontario.indymedia.org.

Tired of waiting? SQ@T: A growing mass movement in Canada, including report on squats in Quebec & Vancouver (MP3, Length: 16:40).  A conversation with Nicholas, Popular Committee St. Jean Baptiste, and Ivan, Anti-Poverty Committee, on the housing crisis in Canada and what steps their communities have take towards action. We discuss the media coverage of these squat actions.  This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

Canadian Immigration Threatens Indigenous Man (MP3, Length: 23:27). Wolf Smoke is an Indigenous organizer from Regina, fighting against the Canadian State's continued colonial policies toward indigenous peoples.  Immigration Canada has tried to deport Smoke to America and has jailed Smoke clearly due to his organizing.  This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

Rebuilding from the Rubble of the Occupation - A conversation with the Ibdaa Cultural Center for Women and Children in Dheisheh Refugee Camp (MP3, Lentgh: 19:54).  Safa speaking on the social and economic crisis in the Occupied Terroritories.  Ibdaa serves 10,000 people who live in the 1/2 kilometer parcel that holds Dheisheh. Safa is a Project Coordinator at Ibdaa.  This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

Fighting Algerian Deportations (MP3, 22:17). On Saturday October 12th hundreds of people took to the streets of Montreal in support of the near 1000 non-status Algerians. To date 29 people whose political refugee claims have been denied by Immigration Canada have been deported to Algeria.  This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

South Africa Indymedia Speaks Out: Police Brutality, W$$D, & more (MP3, Lenght: 18:44).  On the eve of the closing of the World Summit on Sustainable Development Prishani Naidoo from South Africa Indymedia files this report.  Prishani discusses police repression, voilent attacks on protesters, the media coverage, & W$$D.  This program is linked at the South African-IMC.

The Resource War has been Declared: In the Narmada Valley & at the World $ummit on $ustainable Development (MP3, Length: 59:32).  Hijacking of the W$$D, Resistance in the streets, & so called "sustainable development" in the Narmada Valley.  Includes report on protest from Karen Cocq (suffered 4th degree burns from police fired canisters) & interview overviewing development projects in the Narmada Valley (western India).  This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

War on Terror & Sectarian Voilence in South Asia: A look at goverment sactioned voilence (MP3, Length: 51:29).  Discussion includes the reality on the ground for marginalized groups in India & Bangaladesh, how US led agression has exacerbated tensions, & the lack of media attention on the results of the War on Terror.  Featuring: Safdar Hasmi Memorial Trust (coalition of artists & intellectuals confronting sectarian violence through the arts), South Asian Women's Community Center, Co-cordinator of Human Rights in Bangladesh Conference.  This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

Stop Racism Now: Report from Anti-Racism picnic in Angrignon Park (MP3, Length: 15:35), produced by Tamara. The following is excerpted from the event flier: ANTI-RACIST PICNIC IN ANGRIGNON PARK Sunday, AUGUST 18, 2002 12:00PM NOON to protest the recent hate crime against a South Asian couple that took place there. Come join us in solidarity with all victims of racism and oppression. Free food provided by the CLAC Comite Bouffe & Resistance Music.  This program is linked at the Ontario-IMC.

Excuses or Accountability? Report Back on Police Racism Community Discussion (MP3).  Two spokespersons attended a community discussion panel in Montreal hosted by the Black Coalition of Quebec. While those who attended raised specific cases of police racism, the police tossed around concepts like difference of perception & maintained that they are seeking to eliminate racist tendencies by sending police officers into inner city kindergartens.  This program is linked at the Ontario-IMC.

Worst of Woomera: An account of the lives being held captive by Australia's racist immigration policy (MP3, Lenght: 20:15). Woomera is an isolated detention center located in the middle of the Australian desert surrouned by uranium mines. Dave is the co-author of an anti-copyright book that provides an account of the lives being held captive at Woomera.  You can download a copy of the 40+ page book here.  Interview includes discussion of Australia's immigration and refugee policy (the impacts of years of a White Australia policy), plus resistance to the conditions at Woomera.  Includes a PSA on Woomera.  This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

Three Reports from the 14th Annual United Nations Conference on AIDS/HIV.  In the first report (MP3), JD covers the main issues of the conference (access to meds) and media coverage (includes interview with a journalist). The second report (MP3) covers youth participation at the summit, including an interview with a youth delegate.  This program is linked at the Ontario-IMC. Fighting AIDS in Barcelona (MP3, Length: 13:00) - This third interview focuses on the 14th annual United Nations conference on AIDS in Barcelona. We talked to Asia Russell who is with ACT UP Philadelphia an AIDS activist organization who is on the ground in Barcelona.  This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

The War at Home: 1000s Algerians to be Deported from Montreal (MP3). This panel discussion includes Nassem (member of Action Committee for Non-Status), Sarwat (South Asian Center), & Jaggi (Montreal's CLAC). Details include immigration policy its economic influences in Canada, racism and Canadian refugee policy, and actions taking place to Stop the Deportations (June 26 demo).  This program is linked at the Ontario-IMC.

Lyme Disease in Quebec? Facts and myths about Lyme disease - A Citizen's Guide (MP3, Length 57:07).  Caused by a bacteria carried by a few species of ticks and other insects, Lyme disease has been termed the fastest growing vector born infectious disease in North American by American researchers. The Ministry of Health of Quebec insist there is no risk for Quebecers to contract Lyme - a Quebec Lymie tells another story.  This program is linked at the Ontario-IMC.

Squat Actions in Canada & Unemployed Mov't in Argentina (MP3, Length: 62:23).  Recorded June 3rd. Includes reports on squat actions in Montreal & Ottawa, housing crisis in Canada, plus an interview with Argentina-Indymedia about two activists killed in Argentina struggling with the Unemployment Movement there.  This program is linked at the Ontario-IMC.

The War at Home: Economic & Immigration Policies in G8 Countries (MP3, Lenght: 37:05). Shortly after Jean Crietian's African trip to push NEPAD - Canada's Minister of Immigration lifted a ban on deportations to Algeria. This has resulted in the mandatory expulsion of over 1,000 Algerians in Canada. Some of these Algerians facing explusion have been in Canada for eight years as non-status refugees. This interview presents a discussion on Canada's recent about face on the Algerian deportation ban with political scientist Ali Hauochine. What is the relationship between Crietian's trip - the morotorium lift - and the upcoming G8 Summit?  Also includes an interview with Karina from Montreal's CLAC about the NO ONE IS ILLEGAL March during the Take the Capital Camapaign.  This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

Talking Left and Walking Right: Left-wing political parties and neo-liberal policies (MP3, Lenght: 18:00).  Most Canadians do not belong to a political party and the average age of a party member is 59 years. This panel ask "Why?" and includes Lindsay (member of Check Your Head & COPE in Vancouver), Molly (UPF in Quebec), Rahoul (NDP activist), and Matt (ISO).  This program is linked at the Vancouver-IMC.

Three Parts of Communities Mobilizing Across Canada to Denounce the G8: Part 1 - Ottawa & Calgary (MP3, Length: 26:42), Part 2 - Peterborough & Halifax (MP3, Length: 26:04), and Part 3: Vancouver & Guelph (MP3, Length: 16:28).  On June 26th, "leaders" from the wealthiest EIGHT countries will be gathering in Alberta to plan the economic future for the rest of the world's SIX BILLION people. See below for more information.  Communities across canada are gearing up, organizing teach-ins, marches, & direct actions, to denounce the hypocrisy of a few elite waging economic warfare on the rest of the world. In this interview from Off the Hour spoke with community organizers in Ottawa, Clagary,  Peterborough, Halifax, who are busily preparing for a massive convergence of civil society.  This program is linked at www.radio4all.net & www.radio4all.net.

NEPAD: Africa's "Economic Revolution" or an Investment Plan for Western $$$ (MP3, Lenght: 54:00).  This edition of Off the Hour covers the New Economic Plan for Africa's Development or NEPAD is discussed in addition to the other items on the Group of Eight's agenda.  Joining us in studio are Patrick Bond - academic and activist from Johannesburg, South Africa, member of the Alternative Information and Development Centre (AIDC); Aziz Fall - researcher with the Groupe de Recherche et d'Initiatives pour la Liberation de l'Afrique (GRILA); and Andrea - anti-authoritarian activists with Montreal's Anti-Capitalist Convergence.  This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

Audrey Isaac vs the Canadian Judicial Council: MicMac Mother Fights Back Against Biased Judge in Custody Case (MP3, Length: 32:18).  Audrey Isaac is a Micmac from the Listuguj reserve in eastern Quebec. She is the mother of twin girls - now 13 years old. Audrey hasn't seen her daughters for 2 and a half years. They live in Florida with their father, David Lavoie, Audrey's ex-husband. He is Non-Native. The girls are not permitted to come and see their mother and she can't cross the border to see them. Audrey's case got some attention in the mainstream Canadian media in recent weeks because of accusations of bias and discrimination by five First Nations advocacy groups against Quebec Superior Court Judge Frank G. Barakett, who in 1999 awarded custody of Audrey's daughters to their father. You can write to Justice Richard J. Scott. The address is Canadian Judicial Council, Suite 450, 112 Kent Street, Ottawa, K1A 0W8. The fax number is 613-998-8889. And of course the name of the judge you are complaining about is Frank G. Barakett of Quebec Superior Court. This program is linked with more information at www.radio4all.net.

Standing on the Rubble outside of Arafat's Compound: Aaron Maté reports on his week in the Occupied Territories (MP3, Length: 22:17).  We spoke with Aron after the evening's military operation on Arafat's compound in Ramallah. Daniel, who has been participating in weekly vigils outside of the Israeli Consulate in Montreal on Friday's at noon with Palestinian and Jewish Unity (PAJU), also asked questions.  NOTE: Aron cell cuts out at 17:20 when answering what action should Canadians take, but Daniel summarizes the interview nicely.  In addition to describing his week, Aron described the scene of Arafat's compound, the media's coverage of violence in the Occupied Territories, & the depression that Palestinian's experience while maintaining their humanity. This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

Contemporary Jewish Political Movements: A panel discussion on Jewish activism in North America (MP3, Length: 63:42).  This round table discussion is co-hosted with Adam Gottlieb (nsn.tao.ca) and includes the perspectives of history professor (UQAM) Yakov Rabkin, Abraham Weizfeld (Jewish People's Liberation Organization), Robert Silverman (Jewish Alliance Against the Occupation), and a jewish anti-authoritarian activist. Recorded May 2002, note: Recorded from cassette tape (funky bassy sound, but still a valuable discussion). Panelists discuss Jewish participation in marginalized struggles, the role of Jewish immigrants in anarchist movements, & the evolution of Jewish political identity. This program is linked at ontario.indymedia.org.

At the end of May 2002, the mass media seems to believe that the crisis in the occupied territories is over.  Reporter and International Solidarity Movement (ISM) activist Kristen Schurr provided a vital link to actions on the ground in the Occupied Territories during the three month long military campaign waged by the Israeli Defense Forces. This interview covers Kristen's experience working with the ISM, but begins with her live report to Democracy Now on May 2 (the first 1:34), when she and about a dozen other ISM activists ran into the Church of the Nativity carrying food and medical supplies (MP3, Length: 25:00).  What is life like now that Operation Defensive Shield is over?  Andrew Kennis, an American Jewish journalist has traveled throughout the Occupied Territories over the last two weeks reporting for Indymedia, he talked with Off the Hour about his travels (MP3, Length: 19:13).  This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

One-Million More Votes for a Fascist Future in France (MP3, Length: 18:25).  An anti-fascist activist speaks on the history of the National Front & Le Pen.  Laurent Scapin is a long time anti-fascist activist and works with the anarco-communist organization - Alternative Libertaire in France (www.alternativelibertaire.org).  Other resources on the web for anti-fascist news and info: www.samizdat.net/nopasaran & www.acontrecourant.org.  This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

Unity? Safety? & Public Protest? Jewish communities speak on recent demos & more (MP3, Length: 60:00).  This edition of Off the Hour includes 4 representatives of Montreal's Jewish community. Last Wednesday (April 17th, 2002), 1000s gathered in Montreal to celebrate Israeli Independence, 10,000 gathered on Sunday in Ottawa, while 75,000 took to the streets in the US capitol. This program explores the recent upsurge in public protest around the Israel, the Occupied Territories, & more.  This program is linked at vancouver.indymedia.org.

Failures of Foreign Policy: When the world's 4th largest army can't be stopped (MP3, Length 62:24).  Sharon and Powell meet and nothing changes. This edition of CKUT's Off the Hour focuses on the failings of foreign policy with headlines by Jason, report on the demo organized by Women Against the Occupation (& others) in Ottawa by Hala, & a panel discussion with Robert Silverman (Jewish Alliance Against the Occupation) and Adel Iskander (editor of Al-Masry newspaper) hosted by Joseph (from Le Coin Palestinian on CKUT, Mondays 11:30am). This program is linked at vancouver.indymedia.org.

UPDATE: Shakir Baloch, Canadian Citizen Arrested for Border Crossing while Arab (MP3, Length: 8:02).   Doctor Shakir Baloch is to be deported from the United States after being detained for nearly six months in the Sept. 11th aftermath. After many months, Dr. Shakir Baloch was charged with two minor immigration violations, arraigned recently, then convicted last Friday. This 8min audio update includes a description of Dr. Baloch's treatment. This program is linked at vancouver.indymedia.org.

Seeking Asylum from the Asylum: Interview with participants in Friday's action that liberated 40-60 detainees at Woomera Detention Center (MP3, Length: 25:59).   Interview with several protesters (Steven, David, Norman, Paul, & Ruth) at encampment near Woomera Detention Center (a former nuclear test site) in the southern Australian desert. We talk about the difference in the treatment of these refugees (some of whom are from Afghanistan) compared to those from Kosovo several years ago, appraisal of the media coverage of the situation at Woomera ("Did you get the report over there that parents were sewing their kids' lips together . . . Total lies put out by the government."), the action itself (why and how it happened, "We just wanted to make human contact with them . . . We were just sort of led there and no one expected what happened."), and the experience of liberating some of the detainees (Ruth describe the "intense experience" she had running hand and hand with one of the detainees).  For the latest updates, please check out: melbourne.indymedia.org. This program is linked at www.radio4all.net and ontario.indymedia.org (modem users, follow this link).

What is your safety? "My safety is in the hands of the Israelis" (MP3, Length: 20:47).   Interview with Adam Shapiro and IMC-Palestine.  We spoke with Adam after he successfully negotiated an ambulance into President Arafat's compound. He was the only international non-Palestinian in the compound. A US citizen with the International Solidarity Movement, which brings together Palestinians & Internationals, Adam spent Friday being a "human shield" for ambulances attempting to get past Israeli soldiers ("We spoke to them in English, explained why we were foreigners here, and after three hours it worked"). "On the line with us now . . ." Independent Media Center of Palestine, with offices in Bethlehem and Jerusalem, is continuously updating their website (http://jerusalem.indymedia.org). We spoke with Heather about the work of the Palestine-IMC and the reaction to their attempts to get the word out as soon as possible. This program is linked at www.radio4all.net and ontario.indymedia.org (modem users, follow this link).

Under Occupation - A Special Report from Hala ya Hala (MP3, Length: 59:01).   A conversation with Labib Habib (Palestinian of Israeli citizenship, living & working as a human rights lawyer in Jerusalem), Interview with a Family in Bethlehem & report on actions at Concordia University. Plus a report back on actions that took place at Concordia University organized by Students for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) that aimed to recreate the atmosphere of a city under occupation (soldiers patrolling check points). A vigil was also setup to remember the children who have died in the last 14 months. Note that Concordia refused to allow several newspaper journalists access to the campus to cover the action. Also includes audio from "An Interview with a Bethlehem Family" (video available at www.freespeech.org). Topics in the interview with Labib include Palestinians in Israeli courts, child prisoners, life under occupation, paying taxes to Israel, life as an Arab in Israel (one-million Palestinians live in Israel), and more. To reach Hala ya Hala, email halayahala1@hotmail.com.  This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

Actions Against Police Brutality across Canada (MP3, Length: 63:21).  Reports from Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, and Vancouver. Plus a look at police brutality in Palestine (from Hala ya Hala).  March 15, 2002, is the sixth year an international day of protest and solidarity was held against police brutality. This year included actions in countries around the world (Switzerland, Russia, France, Belgium, Austria, Argentina, New Zealand, & the US) that targeted intimidation of immigrants and increasing militarization (especially on the local level - which some have dubbed Copatalism). The International Day Against Police Brutality (IDAPB) first began in 1997 as an initiative of the Black Flag collective in Switzerland along with the help of COBP (Collective Opposed to Police Brutality) of Montreal. For more information on IDAPB, check out www.indymedia.org or check out COBP’s website at www.tao.ca/~cobp.  This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

"The enemy is the economic model": Globalization & Violence in Colombia (MP3, Length: 21:51).  One person is killed every 15-20mins, 2.5 million people are internally displaced, and one trade unionist is killed every 3 days, leading Manuel Rozental (Canada Colombia Solidarity Campaign) to conclude: "In three years, no social movements will be alive in Colombia . . .."  Making labor cheap through violence has become a way of life in Colombia. For years people have sustained violence: the "War on Drugs," free trade, & now the "War on Terrorism." Free trade operates through bringing governments and people to their knees, military force, and the propaganda machine. The Canada Colombia Solidarity Campaign is calling for all Canadians to assume their individual and collective responsibility. "Bananas, gasoline, flowers, gold, coffee . . . They are all cheap because there’s blood in them. Every time you drink coffee, you’re drinking torture, exclusion, displacement, assassination. And Canada has benefited from that . . . Canada is the fastest growing investor in Colombia."  This program is linked at www.radio4all.net & the Philly-IMC (modem users, follow this link). Looking for more audio about Colombia?  Witness for Peace: Interview with co-founder of Witness for Peace and a trade unionist from the US who was a member of a recent delegation to Colombia (MP3, Length: 19:36).

Going to Guantanamo: Vietnam Vet Against the War on Terrorism (MP3, Length: 29:24).   Darnel Summers served in Viet Nam in 1968 (and spent time at Long Binh Jail "the most infamous military prison in the world up until Camp X-ray") and now is part of Viet Nam Veterans Against the War Anti-Imperialist. The group is coordinating a delegation to Guantanamo Bay as a protest of the War and Camp X-ray. Darnel compares the US's war in Viet Nam to their current war in Afghanistan (and beyond). He also speaks on his experience in Viet Nam (taking prisoners, troop rebellions), the conditions at Camp X-ray, citizen tactics today and the anti-war movement in Germany (where he lives with his wife and kids). This program is linked at the Philly-IMC.

Disappeared and Political Prisoners (MP3, Length 13:26).  A conversation with Shiriki, an activist based in Missouri, and Stef with the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty about political prisoners in the United States (Sundiata and Shakir) and the experiences in US prisons post-September 11th. Discussion: Problems with discretional powers left to John Ashcroft which were acquired post-September 11th? Invalid charges, disappearances off the streets and into prisons (still vague numbers but in US as high as 1200, also people detained in Canada mostly Muslim or Arabic men), and movement of political prisoners into Segregated Housing Units (SHU) post-September 11th. You can reach the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty at www.ocap.ca, ocap@tao.ca, or 416.925.6939 and the Sundiata Acoli Freedom Campaign at shiriki@accessus.net, 816.483.4138, or Sundiata Acoli, (s/n squire 39794-066), USP Allenwood, P.O. Box 3000, White Deer, Pa 17887.  This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

US Disappears Canadian Citizen (MP3, Length 10:17).  Update on Shakir’s case, a Canadian citizen of Pakistani descent who traveled frequently to United States. For months Shakir was not charged, repeatedly interrogated, and eventually in late January he was criminally charged with illegal entry. In Canada, it wouldn't be like that ? if you enter illegally; it is not a criminal offense (Note ? this is pre-September 11th policy). The US had detained a Canadian citizen and did not charge him for 5 months as well as assist him with signing away his rights to consultation with anybody (oh yea—the signature is really hard to read too). You can reach the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty at www.ocap.ca, ocap@tao.ca, or 416.925.6939. This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

Impact of Anti-Terrorist Laws on Immigrants and Refugees (MP3, Length 49:54).   Special Call-in show with Stef and Sara from the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty. OCAP has done immigration case work for several years ? from assisting in filing immigration or refugee applications to direct actions. Stef and Sara field questions about the impacts of new Anti-Terrorism legislation, whether Muslims should consider moving to Canada or the US post-Sept. 11th, and give advice on a Trinidadian woman's immigration case.  You can reach the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty at www.ocap.ca, ocap@tao.ca, or 416.925.6939. This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

Canadian Anti-Terrorist Bills & Civil Liberties (MP3, Length: 14:23).   What the fuck is going on? Jaggi Singh (that teddy bear armed anarchist) a member of the Anti-Capitalist Convergence of Montreal (www.quebec2001.net) comments on Canada’s new anti-terrorism bills C-35, C36 & C-42 and their effects on Canadians civil liberties. This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

Solution Solidarity? Canada’s New Anti-Terrorism Bills (MP3, Length: 31:38).  CLAC conference on the impacts of Bills C-11, C-35, C-36, and C-42 on political dissent, immigrants, and refugees. Two Talks: Gitanjali (Canadian Council for Refugees) on C-11 and the impact on immigration & refugee cases in Canada. Stefanie (OCAP www.ocap.ca) on anti-terrorism bills and OCAP’s case work with immigrants and refugees in Canada.  Pt 1 by Gitanjali who works with the Canadian Council for Refugees concerning bill C-11, immigration & refugee cases in Canada. Also concerning Canada’s new anti-terrorism legislature bills C-35, C-36 & C-42. Pt 2 by Stefanie a active member of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (www.ocap.ca) concerning their cases work with immigrants and refugees in Canada. Also a look into Canada’s new anti-terrorism legislature and their effects of immigrants and refugees. This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

World Economic Forum: NYC Mobilization (MP3, Length: 18:29).  Tuesday Morning After interview about upcoming protest ? WEF 2002 ? with Eric Laursen an active member of the Another World is Possible Coalition ( www.anotherworldispossible.com) who are preparing for the coming mobilization against the World Economic Forum meetings in NYC from Jan. 31 - Feb. 4. This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

Ontario Coalition Against Poverty: Montreal Recap (MP3, Length: 18:35).  Montreal report back on the Ontario Common Front’s campaign of Economic Disruption.. 2 talks given in Montreal, one from an active member of the Ontario Common Front and a talk given by Sarita in Montreal from an active member of the Anti-Capitlalist Covergence. Pt 1 given by an active member of the Ontario Common Front (www.ocap.ca) concerning the ties between activists in Ontario & Quebec built through the campaign of Economic Disruption this fall against the Harris government. Pt 2 given by Sarita in Montreal from an active member of the Anti-Capitlalist Covergence (www.quebec2001.net) concerning the fall campaign of Economic Disruption organized by the Ontario Common Front. This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

Canadian economists call for new investment in social infrastructure (MP3, Length: 18:00).   Canada's government sticks dogmatically by zero-deficit policies despite clear reasons and capacity to abandon them.  Economist David Robinson outlines an alternative policy just before the latest Canadian budget. more information at www.policyalternatives. This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

Canada's Bill C-36 worthy of a police state (MP3, Length: 25:00).   Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati explains Canada's proposed Bill C-36 grants which includes sweeping powers of arrest and detention by the state (most of the ideas in it pre-date September 11). There's no evidence that draconian state security laws will improve security.  This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

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Caravan: Montreal's Muslim Magazine, airing on Wednesdays from 2-3pm Eastern.

"...shocking...In 30 years of practice, I have never seen anything like it" (MP3, Length: 17:49)  Some facts about the United Nations Compensation Commission on Iraq.  An exclusive interview with Attorney Michael Schneider, Lalive & Partners, Geneva.

Exclusive interviews on the eve of the commemoration of Sept 11. Plus a look at the effect of Sept 11 on the Muslims in the UK. See radio4all.net for more.  Hour 1 & Hour 2 of Caravan Special on 9-11-2002.

Le Coin Palestinien: The Palestinian radio program from Montreal, Mondays at 11:30am Eastern
An interview with folksinger David Rovics on the Middle East (Israel, Palestine and Iraq) and USA Foreign Policy (MP3, Lenght: 41:55).  Included are live performances of his songs Jenin, the Children of Jerusalem and One World.  This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.
Native Solidarity News: Tuesdays 6-7pm Eastern
Positively Hip-Hop, First Nations Style (MP3, Length: 42:16). Interview with MCs Chilan and Julian B * Music by Chilan, Julian B, WithOut Rezervation, Manik.  This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

Decolonize the South Pacific! (MP3, Length: 32:05).  Interview with Jimmy Naouna of the Pacific Concerns Resource Centre in Fiji. This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

Diabetes in Native America - accident or artefact of colonialism? (MP3, Lenght: 37:50). Interview with Liz Gray of Oklahoma Indian Times (Tulsa, OK). This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.

DUNIA: The Wednesday Morning After, 7-9am Eastern
Interview With Kenyan Activist.  Mwandawiro Mghanga is a former Kenyan political prisoner and current activist. He spoke to DUNIA's Onyango Oloo on Wednesday, August 21, 2002. This conversation is in two parts: Part 1 (MP3) & Part 2 of Interview (MP3).  This program is linked at the Vancouver-IMC (Part 2 is here).

Interview With Haitian Activist (MP3).  Rony Mondestin is a veteran member of the Haitian progressive movement.  This program is linked at the Ontario-IMC.

Interview With Christine Maggiore (MP3). Christine Maggiore is the author of a path-breaking book and a very prominent leader of a growing global movement of people seeking alternative perspectives on HIV/AIDS. She was interviewed from California home on July 22,2002.  This program is linked at the Vancouver-IMC.

Amandla: Wednesdays 7-8pm Eastern
Oronto Douglas (MP3, Length: 16:47) . "We must have local control of resources."  Nigerian human rights and environmental activist speaks on the continuing struggle for justice for the people of the oil-rich Niger Delta. contact him through Environmental Rights Action at eraction@infoweb.abs.org; more info www.kabissa.org/ndwj.  This program is linked at www.radio4all.net.
Check out the program schedule for other community created & inspired content.

The Long Term Memory Radio Project (LTMR) was initiated in January 2002 with a four-part series on State Sponsored Terrorism.  In the post-September 11th atmosphere, the mainstream media glaringly demonstrated a dependency on short-term memory.  Much of the reporting by Canadian journalists mirrors the current political climate of the elite, effectively producing content which lacks any broad historical perspective.  At CKUT, LTMR aims to fill a void that exist within mass media content.  Seeking to supplement this gap is a huge task and so every series of the LTMR features extended documentaries (ranging from four to five hours of audio), offering a variety of perspectives and style of presentation.  All episodes are available for non-profit use only and are distributed through CKUT or available on the world wide web at www.radio4all.net.
In June of 2002, the National Association of Campus and Community Radio Stations recognized this series, awarding LTMR the Standard Radio Award for Programming Excellence (thanks!).  To receive CDs or tapes of any episodes of this series (** indicate those available for distribution), contact the CKUT Spoken Word department at news at ckut dot ca or 514.398.6787 ext. 2593.  Long Term Memory Radio airs every Wednesday from 5-6pm.
The Struggle for Human Rights

The Best of Pharmed and Dangerous

International Criminal Court: A critical look at the ICC

Globalization: A Trail to Cancun

Comemorating Prisoner Justice Day

JULY 2003
Intimidation & Development in Centre-Sud

JUNE 2003
Shelter, Property, Community, and a Place Called Home: The right to decent shelter and the housing crisis

MAY 2003
First Nation's Governance Act: FNGA gonna bite you in the ass or a look at Canada's Indian Act and Aboriginal Women
Part 5: More information click here ... Episodes 1-4 click here.

APRIL 2003
Heating Up Radio: Sex work and its advocacy
Part 1-4: More information click here ...

MARCH 2003
Canadian Fairtales & Other Myths: Excerpts from the Racial Democracy Conference

Racism & Discretionary Power - A deadly mix.  Community Discussions on the history of police relations in Montreal
Part 1-3: More information click here ...

Resistance on Trail: The Summit of the Americas & the cost of doing business
Part 1-4: More information coming soon ...

Our Home on Native Land: Excerpts from the Indigenous People's Solidarity Conference


Pharmed & Dangerous: A Look at the Pharmaceutical Industry
Part 1: In this episode, we look at the impact of globalization on access to prescription medicine (MP3, 55:14). We also focus on the role of intellectual property rights in the form of patent protection, as established by the World Trade Organization, or WTO. And we hear how Canada has fallen in with drug industry agendas by extending patents and relaxing regulations to encourage investment. Our guests are health policy critic and author Joel Lexchin and James Keon of the Canadian Drug Manufacturers' Association.  This program is linked at vancouver.indymedia.org.

In Part 2, we focus on pharmaceutical-industry funded research in Canada by examining the link between universities, the federal government and the drug industry (MP3, 55:40). Our guests are, Devlin Kuyek, author of "The Real Board of Directors; the Construction of Biotechnology Policy in Canada, 1980-2002." And Alex Navarre, Director of the Office of Technology Transfer at McGill University.  This program is linked at ontario.indymedia.org.

more information coming: Parts 3-10

Terrorism, Law & Democracy: Canada's Response to the Terrorist Crimes of September 11th
Part 1-13: More information coming soon ...
JUNE 2002
Roots of Resistance
Part 1: Poverty & Housing Struggles across Canada
Part 2: Prisons and the Police - The Criminalization of Our Communitites
Part 3: No Borders - Actions around Immigration
Part 4: Solidarity - Resisting Locally in the Face of Global Struggles
MAY 2002
History of Economics
Part 1: Birth of Capitalism
Part 2: Rise of Marx
Part 3: 20ce Economics
Part 4: Feminist & other alternative economics
APRIL 2002**
Women's Labor History in Quebec and Canada
Part 1: Where are women in Labor History? (MP3, Length: 58:24)
In the first part of the series on Women Labor's History in Quebec and Canada, Dr. Lilian Robinson, principal of the Simone de Beauvoir Institute, talks about the emergence of the industrial revolution in New England and Canada. She discusses the early craft union, the crucial role women played in developing strike tactics (like picketing), and the importance of women networks in the labor experience.
Part 2: First Unions & Women's Participation (MP3, Length: 57:15)
In part two Micheline Dumont, professor, historian, author, and member of the Clio Collective (Quebec women's history research group) discusses the influentiual role of work in women's lives and the kinds of discrimination they face in labor force. She explains the emergence of the industrial union and the importance of innovative women leaders, who organized and educated their peer workers.
Part 3: Impact of World Wars & Women's Movement (MP3, Length: 64:50)
In segment three Maria Peluso, part time professor and president of CUPFA (Concordia University Part-time Faculty Association), covers labor history from 1960 up to the present. She discusses gains made in the public sector union and the impact of economic instability and globalization on these gains. She highlights women's comptmporary (and historically dominant) work patterns: their vulnerability as contigent labor with no benefits, job (in)secutity, and competitive salary.
Part 4 - May Day Special on Women's Labour Today (MP3, Length: 57:03)
The conclusion of this series is a panel discussion with Linda, co-founder of Eco Café a women's working cooperative; Chantale, locked-out journalist for Dimanche Magazine at the CBC radio, and  Cynthia, organizer with the Immigrant Worker's Center. Each gave their point of view regarding the challenges women face today in labor force. They discussed the role of globalization, subcontracting to private firms, contractual jobs, women's negoatiation capabalities, the lack of (or need for) work flexibility, discrimination in labor class immigration programs (such as Live-in Caregiver Programm), and alternatives (such as the advantages of being part of working cooperative designed for single mother).
MARCH 2002**

Whose Dinosaurs - Mine or Yours?  An all-ages, five-act play that teaches the roots of friendship and
conflict in the Middle East.

"Whose Dinosaurs - Mine or Yours?" is a cross-cultural collaboration, born of the desire to turn the tragedy of September 11, 2001 into an opportunity for people to unite in defense of the universal human right to dignity and subsistence - rather than into a tragedy of violent retaliation.  The voices are by a team of ten, including 9- to 55-year-olds of Muslim, Jewish, Christian, and other heritage. The script and production are by Adam Gottlieb of Native Solidarity News, a nationally-syndicated human-rights program which has received the National Campus/Community Radio Association's award for community involvement. The script is based on the political comic book, Arabs and Israel for Beginners, by Ron and Susan David, published by Writers & Readers press.

There are 5 acts, each 60-minutes long, with 4 to 9 scenes separated by pieces of music chosen to evoke the stories being told.  The form of a radio play was chosen because it is intimate and compact and leaves room for listeners to fill in the pictures, using their own imaginations. A fun, respectful environment encourages children and adults, amateurs, academics and others to explore their place in the history and future of the world.

For example, listeners may connect the daily grind of poverty in Canada and the United States to wars for control of profitable resources abroad, and the punishment of the people of Afghanistan to racism against Arabs and other people in North America. Most importantly, in this forum they may connect their traditions, communities, and ancestries.

Act 1 * Sorry I slept through the first ten millenia - can I have a recap?
Act 1 is a recap of the first ten millennia. It draws a map of the Middle East and answers our questions about who lived where, and who the first Arabs, Jews, Christians and Muslims were.
Act 2 * Hey! It's one plus one plus one
Act 2 explains the shift from an Old World Order to a New World Order. It shows how the social fabric of communities and their spiritual and artistic culture are shared and passed from one civilization to the next.
Act 3 * Oh, hell!
Act 3 looks at the beginnings of the Arab-Israeli conflict and asks the question: "Have they always been fighting?"
Act 4 * Wait! Who am I supposed to be hating?
Act 4 examines how the major western powers swapped their old enemy (communists) for a new one (Arabs), and tracks the power struggles of the 20th century, leaving us wondering who benefits from all this fickle hatred.
Act 5 * But I'm like you!
Act 5 - the dramatic denouement - is about peace, in other words how ten thousand years of history affect our day to day life more than we may think.
"Whose Dinosaurs - Mine or Yours?" is available to schools, libraries, and members of the public, as 5 CDs or a 100-page transcript.
  • Who are the Arabs, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Palestinians, and Israelis?
  • What have they each contributed to the world?
  • Why do they always seem to be fighting, and what are they fighting about?
  • What do colonialism, World Wars, free trade and globalization have to do with it?
  • and When did oil become so important?
  • "Whose Dinosaurs - Mine or Yours?" gets to the bottom of these questions and many more in an easy to follow conversational style, interspersed with beautiful music of many styles, by people from all over the world.

    Each hour of the five-part series takes you through a different historical period, from the very beginnings of life in the area, through its cultural and intellectual golden age, all the way to the present day.

    FEBRUARY 2002**
    A 4-part series on Canada's Relationship with Native North America (at www.radio4all.net & ontario.indymedia.org, modem users follow this link)
    Episode 1: Indian Act & Proposed Amendments (MP3, Length: 59:39)
    Is the Canadian government implementing corporate globalization models on First Nations territories?  This conversation with Roger Obonsawin and Anthony Hall addresses issues of corporate influence on Canadian Indian policy as well as the historical motives behind the assimilation agenda of the original Indian Act.  Roger is Editor of Anasazi, a publication that has dedicated two issues to the proposed amendments of the Indian Act - the First Nations Governance Act & the First Nations Financial Institution Act. Anthony is a professor of Native American Studies at the University of Lethbridge.  For copies of Anasazi call 1.800.461.9495 or visit the website at www.oigroup@oigroup.ca.  Music: Rhythm Activism & Julian B.
    Episode 2: Media Criticism & Resistance (MP3, Length: 59:30)
    Featuring a critical discussion about the media's handling of Native issues (including the death of Dudley George, sovereignty issues and more) with Peter Edwards (journalist at the Toronto Star and author of One Dead Indian) and Alison Blackduck (the only Native journalist with a column in a major Canadian daily).  This episode also includes Arthur Manuel (organizer with urban and rural resistance movements) speaking with Adam Gottlieb (of Native Solidarity News - nsn.tao.ca) about current resistance within indigenous communities in Canada.  For alternative resources on Native issues checkout www.turtleisland.org.  Music: Without Rezervation.
    Episode 3: Impact of Canadian Indian Policy on Aboriginal Women (MP3, Length: 59:30)
    Interview with Andrea Moore, resident of Kahnawake, who marched with her mother in the 1970s when aboriginal women protested the sexist membership definitions of the Indian Act that barred some women from living within their own communities.  This discussion also includes an analysis of the Indian Act's impact on the traditional Mohawk government and on the current attempts to eliminate the Indian Act under the Canada  Kahnawake Relations agreement. Looking for resources on Kahnawake? www.kahnawake.com or www.easterndoor.com.  Music: Sharon Burch & Six Nations Women Singers.
    Episode 4: Native Youth on the Indian Act and Assimilation (MP3, Length: 59:04)
    This episode was produced by youth from Native Friendship Center of Montreal.  Included is an interview with Jonathan Kay (journalist with the National Post who wrote an essay in December 2001 advocating assimilation) conducted by Donavon Brass (participant in activities at the Friendship Center's Youth Center).  Also features a short documentary on the Youth Center as well as a Q&A by Tania Willard (editor of Redwire - Canada's only Native Youth magazine) with a representative from the Department of Indian Affairs.  The Montreal Friendship Center can be contacted at 514.499.1854 and you can find Redwire magazine on the web at www.redwiremag.com or by calling 604.602.7226.  Music: Chilan, Without Rezervation, & Rhythm Activism.
    Without the support of CKUT's very own Native Solidarity News (a long running program that aims to educate & mobilize Quebecers in support First Nations worldwide -- nsn.tao.ca) this series would not have been possible.

    We would also like to offer much appreciation for the help and support of the following people: Ellen Gabriel, Quebec Native Women, Jean Davidson, Native Friendship Center of Montreal, and Mike Murphy at the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Relations.  Special thanks also goes out to all the participants (!).

    Cover Art: Peter Morin
    Intro. Music: Eastern Eagle Singers

    JANUARY 2002
    State Sponsored Terrorism
    Part 1: History of State sponsored terrorism globally
    Part 2: Latin America
    Part 3: Africa
    Part 4: Middle East

    LINKS - alternative media (compiled by FAIR)
    Centre des médias alternatifs du Québec: Quebec`s independent media portal.
    FLIPSIDE Canada's Economy in the Newspapers: A weekly critique of errors, distortions and omissions.
    JournalismNet Canada: Online resources for investigative journalists -- search tools for Canadian media and politics.  Even more Rabble Resources.
    The Missing News: Filters and Blind Spots in Canada's Press. A summary of a report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.
    Thunderbird Online Magazine: The University of British Columbia's journalism review, on Canadian ownership issues.
    Rabble: Toronto-based alternative news site with a focus on social justice.
    Straight Goods: Consumer news and media criticism.
    Abyz News Links: An enormous database of national and local Canadian news publications.
    CKLN (88.1fm Toronto): More kickass urban community content with a spiffy new website.
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