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Homelessness Marathon 2012 | Funding Drive 2011

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 weekdays 17-18h
 community news for and produced by YOU

is corporate-free news zone that reflects our community because it is made by our community. Airing weekdays from 5p.m. to 6p.m., the show is produced by the station's Community News Collective of CKUT volunteers and representatives from a number of community groups across Montreal. We archive our programs; contact us to find out more ... 
L’émission OFF THE HOUR du Lundi au Vendredi, de 17h à 18h, est notre rendez-vous quotidien avec l’actualité. L’équipe de l’émission est composée de bénévoles de la station et de représentants de groupes communautaires divers. Nos émissions sont archivées et vous pouvez nous contacter pour savoir comment obtenir une copie.

Questions? Contact gretchen, CommNEWsCoord., @ 514.448.4041 ext. 6788 or news AT ckut DOT ca

Mondays / lundis

En Profondeur: tous les lundis de 17h à 18h CKUT 90.3 fm
La version francophone de Off The Hour, En Profondeur est une émission hebdomadaire d'information d'actualités et d'analyses. Animées d'une rage anti-capitaliste et de l'espoir d'un monde anti-autoritaire, nous vous partageons chaque semaine un calendrier militant des activités de Montréal, des reportages et des chroniques venues des mouvements de résistance qui croisent nos chemins.  Pour nous envoyer vos commentaires, suggestions et proposition de collaboration, écrivez-nous à enprofondeur-at-ckut.ca.  Vous pouvez consulter les sujets de nos émissions sur le Centre des médias alternatifs du Québec.  Et retrouver nos meilleurs reportages @ www.radio4all.net.  

Tuesdays / mardis

Featuring regular contributions from The McGill Daily, Homeless Radio, and CKUT's Community News Collective.

Wednesdays / mecredis

The Avalanche hosts and techs each Wednesday (which often features lectures and Long Term Memory Radio) and every second Wednesday of the month, they produce their own show often focusing on issues of their disAbilitiy community.

Thursdays / jeudis

This time slot is reserved for magazines inlcuding No One Is Illegal RadioPrison RadioLabour Radio, and Radio Resistance.

Fridays / vendredis

Weekly headlines from CKUT's Community News Collective, plus thematic coverage featuring three or more stories.  Also features Radio Sanctuary once a month 

Community News @ CKUT 90.3 fm is FOR and PRODUCED by YOU
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(!) 9th-annual Homelessness Marathon (coming Feb. 23rd)
(!) Calling ALL volunteers
(!) Calling FOR your support
(!) Prison Radio - 2nd Thursdays
(!) Labour Radio - 3rd Thursdays
(!) Seeking Your Headlines!


Collective workshops are held Thursdays 6-7pm in the Volunteer Rm. (3647 University) to pitch themes for coverage, research stories, and plan future focuses for news stories & documentaries.

Off the Hour can be downloaded daily at CKUTs MP3 Archive.  You can also search for OTH material at www.radio4all.net & ncra.ca/exchange or listen to these selections from our 2002 archive. Please contact us for any assistance with this archive or if you would like a CD copy of anything we have aired.


:: Community News Opportunities ::
email news at ckut dot ca for more info!!

En Profondeur (la version francophone de Off The Hour - lundis 17h)

Daily in Review (tune-in for a radio review of the McGill Daily with staffers from McGill's independent press, Tuesdays 17h)

Homeless Radio (from HomelessNation.org - Street Radio Producers provide this regular report from the streets of Montreal, Tuesdays @ 17h40)

Radio Sanctuary (for 2-years CKUT has joined refugee and radio host Kader B in sanctuary once a month to produce this radio magazine)

Native Solidarity News (International Indigenous headlines and news features – Tuesdays 18h, broadcast live from the Inter-Tribal Youth Centre last Tuesdays)

Soul Perspectives (CKUTs news for MTLs black community – Tuesdays 19h)

Caravan (Community News for Arabs and Muslims in MTL – Wednesdays 14h, email caravan@ckut.ca)

Amandla (CKUTs Bi-lingual African News Program – Wednesdays 19h)

Under the Olive Tree (News for Canada's Palestinian Community – Thursdays 11h, email uot@ckut.ca)

Labour Radio (global coverage for workers and the unemployed - 3rd Thursdays/jeduis @ 17h)

Listening to Latin America (News in Spanish, English, and French covering all of Latin America – Fridays 19h)

The Morning After / lendemain de la veille  (CKUTs flagship morning magazine featuring news in french and english – Weekdays 7-9h)

Bike Traffic Reports (CKUT covers the alternative traffic concerns in the streets for self-powered commuters - Weekdays @ 08h20ish)

Weekly Headlines (Community News from across Canada in beyond, Wednesdays @ 08h30)

fist We believe mass media technology like radio should be accessible to the masses;
We believe mass media targeting the public should be influenced by the public;
We believe communities should produce media that reflects their issues (without unnecessary filters!);
We provide news that blasts through the sensationalism and sound bites of the mainstream media;
We document and reference communities misrepresented or underrepresented in private and public medias;
We seek to challenge our listeners by not just informing them of issues, but by inspiring them to act;
We implicate ourselves in the community through community projects;
We affirm that radio is organized resistance and a tool to be used by social movements.


OFF THE HOUR is CKUT's news and information program. Its purpose is to provide an "alternative" focus on events, issues and current/public affairs in the greater Montreal community. It has been designed as a magazine for airing items of interest and concern in an interesting and informative manner, while providing the maximum opportunity for station and community involvement.

In addition, the program serves a secondary purpose of providing a learning environment (with an emphasis on skill sharing) for groups and individuals at CKUT.


The program coordinator for OFF THE HOUR is the COMMUNITY NEWS AND PRODUCTION COORDINATOR, who oversees CKUT in-house news programming. The coordinator trains OTH staff (known affectionately as the CKUTs Community News Collective), facilitates and develops the program, and also functions as a senior producer. Got a problem, question or suggestion?  See the coordinator (11-18h weekdays).

There are nine (9) positions which volunteers can be involved in on OFF THE HOUR:

  1. COMMUNITY NEWS COLLECTIVE MEMBER: The collective consist of members from the Montreal area who produce material or engineer for CKUTs community news program OFF THE HOUR. The News Collective is open to all members of the Montreal community who are committed to Off the Hour's mandate.  MEETINGS: Each Thursday from 6-7pm.
  2. PRODUCER: The producer is responsible for the entire production of any segment or any program or series of programs or segments. A producer is responsible for coming-up with his/her own idea, to do the research, voicing and editing with the assistance of the Community News Collective.
  3. CORRESPONDENT: The correspodent is responsible for the entire production of any segment or any program or series of programs or segments. A correspondent works in collaboration with the Community News Collective to develop and coordinate reports.  Correspondents have filed reports from world summits and occupied lands.
  4. COORDINATOR: Any producer may pitch focus programs, special broadcast, community discussions, or special presentations of OFF THE HOUR. The producer may work alone or in collaboration with others to build the program from its content line-up (creating the runsheet) to its promotion (producing fliers) and technical coordination (pre-recording the program or facilitating the on-air production). Past specials have included: Canada's first ever Homelessness Marathon - 14hours of consciousness-raising radio broadcast live from the streets of Montreal on a cold February night; Joe Beef: A History of Pointe Saint Charles - a radio drama from Montreal; community discussions on Islam, police relations, immigrations laws, and housing; plus numerous focus programs commemorating - World AIDS Day, Prisoner Justice Day (August 14th), and more.
  5. HOST(S): The on-air host provides continuity to the program. The host is responsible for keeping the listeners informed as to what the program is about, what is coming-up throughout the program, time and show I.D. checks, introducing the features, etc.. Each host is also expected to prepare at least one feature.
  6. RESEARCHER: The researcher provides context to the program. The researcher is responsible for compiling information on a topic or guests. The researcher may expected to prepare notes for intros and extros or compile a summary of news stories for leading into (headlining) a feature.
  7. ENGINEER: The engineer is responsible for operating the sound board during the live program. The engineer must be familiar with the line-up of the program and fill-out the CKUT on-air log and the socan sheet.
  8. TRAINER: Skill sharing is an essential part of OTHs existence. Producers and engineers are expected to share the skills they have with other Community News Collective members and CKUT volunteers. Lots of folk want to learn digital editing, or mini disc recording, interview technique, or some even want to learn how to edit using the reel to reels. Whatever skill or technique you have picked up or have brought to CKUT.
  9. PROJECT PARTICIPANTS: OFF THE HOUR has and continues to initiate projects within the Montreal area. In the past these projects have included bringing radio to classrooms and youth centers across this city, providing news research opportunities to local prisoners, hosting national broadcasts around critical issues, and holding panels and discussions within the community. We are always seeking opportunities for new projects.  YOUR IDEAS ARE WELCOME.
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RECRUITING Prison Radio and Labour Radio Contributors

CKUT's Community News Department is Recruiting new members for our monthly Magazines on Labour and Prison Issues.

Are you interested in producing news, interviews, and music featuring the voices of prisoners and their allies?  Join Prison Radio the first Friday morning of the month from 11:30am to Noon, and on the *second Thursday* of each month from 5 to 6pm on Off the Hour.  To get involved in Prison Radio, or for help finding past programs, e-mail news at ckut dot ca.

Labour Radio features the power of workers worldwide, airing news, views, interviews and reviews.  It's a collective show, so if there's anyone out there who'd like to get involved, contributing features or ideas for features, let us know. It's every *third Thursday* of the month on Off the Hour.  Reply to news at ckut dot ca or speak to Gretchen (514.448.4041 x6788) if you are interested in contributing in future shows.


CKUT's Community News Collective is producing and distributing weekly headlines.  Send in your 30-90second script (sources included) of grassroots news by Tuesday at 5pm for broadcast on the Wednesday Morning After to headlines at ckut dot ca.  These headlines are currently also airing on stations in KBOO (Portland), CKXU (Lethbridge), UMFM (Winnpeg), CFBU (St. Catharines), CHUO (Ottawa), and CFRC (Kingston) as well as archived online at http://ncra.ca/exchange and on CKUT's News Collective Blog.

SUPPORT ckut 90.3fm / CKUT 90.3fm a besoin de votre support

+++ En français ci-bas +++

Dear friends and collaborators,

Tune-in to Off the Hour and En Profondeur, 5-6pm during funding drive and pledge your support.

To pledge during CKUTs Annunal Funding Drive, call: 514-907-9424 Give online: https://secure.ckut.ca/fddb/donors/webpledge


*for 20-years CKUT has broadcast independent news programming;

*CKUT was the first station in Canada to carry Alternative Radio, airing the program weekly for two decades;

*for seven years CKUT has coordinated the Annual Homelessness Marathon, a 14-hour national radio program on poverty in Canada;

*over the past 13-years CKUT has produced Native Solidarity News and for 18-years CKUT has aired Amandla with a focus on news from Africa;

*for more than a decade CKUT has produced a daily Community News magazine called Off the Hour, including En Profondeur Monday's edition in French;

*for nearly a decade CKUT has broadcast a weekly Community News program for the Arab and Muslim community and a Palestinian radio program for six years;

*CKUT airs headlines from the award-winning program Democracy Now! weekdays at 8am with journalist Amy Goodman;

For these reasons (and more), please pledge your support today... CKUT 90.3fm in Montreal is currently running it's 21st annual funding drive from Nov. 13th-23rd.  CKUTs community news department is requesting your solidarity.  Our Goal is $50,000.

Thank You!


CherEs amiEs et collaboratrices, collaborateurs,

Soyez à l'écoute de Off the Hour et En Profondeur entre 17h et 18h durant la campagne de financement, et faites un don!

Pour faire une promesse de don durant la campagne de financement, appellez CKUT au 514-907-9424 ou faites un don en ligne: https://secure.ckut.ca/fddb/donors/webpledge


*Depuis 20 ans, CKUT produit et diffuse des nouvelles de façon indépendante;

*CKUT est le premier diffuseur canadien de Alternative Radio. Le programme a été diffusé chaque semaine pendant deux décennies;

*Depuis 7 ans, CKUT a coordonné le marathon annuel des sans-abris, 14h de programmation en direct sur la pauvreté au Canada;

*Depuis 13 ans, CKUT produit Native Solidarity News et diffuse depuis 18 ans l'émission Amandla, nouvelles de l'Afrique;

*CKUT produit aussi, depuis plus de 10 ans, une émission de nouvelles communautaire quotidienne. Off the Hour a une édition francophone, En profondeur, tous les lundis;

*Il y a près de 10 ans que CKUT diffuse une émission de nouvelles communautaire pour la communauté arabe et musulmane, et un programme de radio palestinien (depuis 6 ans);

*tous les matins dès 8h, en semaine, vous pouvez entendre les manchettes de Democracy Now!, un programme de nouvelles ayant reçu plusieurs prix, avec la journaliste Amy Goodman;

Pour toutes ces raisons....  Entre le 13-23 novembre, le collectif de nouvelles de CKUT a besoin de votre support, à l'occasion de la 21ème campagne de financement annuelle. Pour ces raisons, et bien d'autres, soyez solidaires et faites un don pour une radio indépendante communautaire de qualité.  Notre objectif : 50 000$




Announcing ... WINTER 2009: CKUT& the Native Friendship Center of Montreal hosted Canada's 7th annual Homelessness Marathon.
(Please visit http://www.ckut.ca/homeless.html for archived info.)

Radio Station for a Day: An Educational Outreach Project.  In May 2002, CKUT initiated a hands on educational radio project for schools in the Montreal community.  In May CKUT visited Mackay Center - a Montreal school for deaf and differently-abled youth - to assist in the production of a radio script that the students of Rick Vann's fifth grade class had written.  The students had selected songs and practiced their script for a half-hour radio show.  When CKUT arrived at Mackay Center, we brought along recording equipment and a one-watt transmitter, so that the students could actually broadcast their script on the FM dial.  The show that the students produced is linked here.  Included is the students discussion with CKUT about the workings of radio and the magic of transistors.  Any teacher (or student) who is interested in having CKUT assist in the production of a working radio station at their school should contact CKUTs Spoken Word department at 514.448.4041 ext. 2593.

The Long Term Memory Radio Project (LTMR) was initiated in January 2002 with a four-part series on State Sponsored Terrorism.  In the post-September 11th atmosphere, the mainstream media glaringly demonstrated a dependency on short-term memory.  Much of the reporting by Canadian journalists mirrors the current political climate of the elite, effectively producing content which lacks any broad historical perspective.  At CKUT, LTMR aims to fill a void that exist within mass media content.  Seeking to supplement this gap is a huge task and so every series of the LTMR features extended documentaries (ranging from four to five hours of audio), offering a variety of perspectives and style of presentation.  All episodes are available for non-profit use only and are distributed through CKUT or available on the world wide web at www.radio4all.net.

In June of 2002, the National Association of Campus and Community Radio Stations recognized this series, awarding LTMR the Standard Radio Award for Programming Excellence (thanks!).  To receive CDs or tapes of any episodes of this series, contact the CKUT Community News department at news at ckut dot ca or 514.448.4041 ext. 6788.  Long Term Memory Radio airs Wednesdays from 5-6pm.

LINKS - alternative media 

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Community News @ CKUT 90.3 fm is FOR and PRODUCED by you (!)
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