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Become a CKUT Volunteer!

General orientations take place on the third Thursday of every month (every Thursday in January & September) at noon, 3pm & 6pm.
No need to sign-up! Just drop by the station. CKUT is located at 3647 University, just below Pins.

A Little History for Ya!

More than 40 years of radio @ McGill

CKUT Radio isn't your average campus club. Since its humble beginnings as a McGill club formed in the '60s, CKUT has evolved over the years into a campus-community radio station broadcasting with 5,000 watts of power on the FM dial.

These days, student volunteers have the opportunity to work with an extremely diverse group of volunteers from the greater Montreal community. Apart from the 100% student-run show All Things McGill (Mondays, 11-11:30am), most collective shows on CKUT involve students and non-students working together to create quality radio programming. As a McGill student, you are already a paid-in-full member of CKUT and have access to all the radio-making you can handle.


How do I sign up for training sessions? Station orientations are held the third Wednesday of every month. (or email volunteering@ckut.ca to set up an alternate time.)
Once you've completed a general orientation and filled out a volunteer application form, you can sign-up for the volunteer training weekend. During the training weekend you will learn about CKUT's policies, mandate and all the technical skills to start producing radio. We offer training weekends six times a year.
How much do trainings cost? All trainings at CKUT are free! We just ask that you put your skills to use making radio at CKUT and volunteer to help train other volunteers.
How do I propose a new show? Once you're trained, have contributed to collective shows and consistently put in volunteer hours at the station, you can write a show proposal and create a show demo and submit it to the programming committee. Ask the music or spoken word programming coordinators for guidelines and assistance.
Who can I ask to help me edit my first production? Contact a production, music or spoken word coordinator and ask them to hook you up with an experienced volunteer to give you a hand as you figure things out.
Which shows are open to new contributors? CKUT has set-up a number of collective shows where new volunteers can get their feet wet, the shows range from music, arts & culture, news and community. Here is a list of some shows (see volunteer manual for descriptions and additional shows):
  • All Things McGill
  • The Morning Afters
  • Off the Hour
  • World Skip the Beat
  • If You Got Ears
  • Jazz Euphrium
How do I book time in the production studios? Sign-up for time in Studio B on-line. For the production studio, contact Marc at 514.448.4041 ext. 2545.
Can I get into the building beyond regular business hours? Once you have completed orientations and obtained your membership card, you will be allowed access to the building after office hours to work on radio programming. After you have volunteered at least 8 hours over two months, you may contact a programming coordinator for a door code to guarantee access to the building outside of business hours.
How do I borrow a portable recorder? Reservations are done on-line. Once you have completed portables training, you will be shown how to access the link and will be entered into the database of eligible borrowers. If you have already done the training but are having trouble reserving on-line, contact a programming coordinator.
Can I make a long-distance phone-call for my phone interview? For calls directly related to CKUT, ask a coordinator for a long-distance phone code.
Can I access the Internet from the station? The computers in the volunteer room are there for you! Internet access, typing up your research/interview questions, whatever you need.
How do I get a press pass for a concert or event? You must request authorization from your coordinator to be granted press accreditation. CKUT also has Guest List Wish book for events in the city, just add your name to the list and you may be granted a ticket to your dream event. The red binder that holds all of the wish lists can be found in the front reception. Read the instructions at the front of the book, then wish away!
How do I get involved in CKUT decision-making? Every November at the Annual General Meeting volunteer reps are elected to take part in the steering and programming committees and the board of directors. Contact a coordinator for more information on how to get involved.
Is there some kinda' volunteer manual that I can have? Yes! Download the PDF version of our volunteer manual here: Manual. Print and fold for best results!