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Internships at CKUT

Internships at CKUT are not paid, however, it is a great way to gain valuable experience and skills. Students may arrange to do internships at CKUT in exchange for credit with their University or Cegep. For more information on the individual internships, please contact the relevant department coordinators as listed below.

Current Internships

  1. Music Department Internship
  2. Community News Internship
  3. Arts & Culture/Spoken Word Department Internship
  4. Production Department Internship
  5. Information Technology (IT) Department Internship
  6. Funding and Promotions Department Internship
  7. Sales Department Internship
  8. Translation Internship
  9. Field of Social Work Internship
Music Department Internship:
An Internship in the Music Department at CKUT is a unique opportunity. The intern will be exposed to all facets of radio broadcasting from policy to production in a collective managment work environment. It is a work environment that will provide the intern with knowledge of alternative media being produced on both local and global scales. Under the tutelage of the music department's staff, the intern will be able to acquire and develop specialized technical skills. In addition to the work tasks to be fulfilled, the intern will be given the opportunity to receive training on our portable digital recording devices and editing software, sound production in our production studio, and technical training in our master control room. They will also be encouraged to share the knowledge that they acquire with new volunteers. CKUT is a teaching environment, where the staff serve as resources to the volunteers, the intern would train new volunteers in the areas that they feel confident in.

Work tasks:
Library up-keep; management and coordination of special projects; maintaining and developing music department databases; conducting weekly library orientations and database sessions for new volunteers to the station; listening and cataloguing new releases; contacting record and promotion companies for solicitation of promotional music releases; facilitating studio trainings; listening and reviewing programming; developing ideas and producing radio programming

Interested Candidates should send questions or a cover letter and resume to music@ckut.ca.

Community News Internship:
The position of Community News Intern is a unique opportunity to gain valuable skills in radio production within a non hierarchical work environment. The intern will be exposed to new skills by facilitating a collective production environment. These skills include writing for radio, conducting independent news research, learning and offering training in radio production techniques, and using the Internet for archiving and distribution purposes. The intern will work under the direction and supervision of CKUT's Community News and Production Coordinator. The first two weeks will be spent training the intern to work at CKUT, including an orientation about CKUT and an overview of the job tasks that they will be working on during their term of employment. Interns will take all necessary station trainings and become a fully integrated member of the News Collective team. The work environment is one that promotes mentoring; the intern will be expected to pass on many of the skills that they have learned to new volunteers coming into the station. This is a position that allows the intern to demonstrate knowledge acquired during their internship by teaching others. The coordinator will be available at all times to answer questions and provide guidance.

Work tasks:
Compiling community news stories; facilitating news collective meetings; delegating tasks for news production; engineering in pre-production and on-air; editing pre-recorded material; uploading interviews for Internet distribution and archiving; preparing daily runsheets; assisting in "Weekly Headlines" production and distribution.

Required Skills:
Fundamental skills - research, writing, communication, problem solving. Personal management skills - a positive attitude, high sense of responsibility, ability to adapt to changes in the work environment, desire for continuous learning, safe work practices. Teamwork skills - must demonstrate an ability to work with others and participate in projects and tasks.

Interested Candidates should send questions or a cover letter and resume to news@ckut.ca.

Arts & Culture/Spoken Word Department Internship:
The position of Arts & Culture/Spoken Word intern is a unique opportunity to gain valuable skills in creative radio production and community organizing within a non hierarchical work environment. The student will be exposed to Montreal's lively and globally-connected arts and culture scene, gain new skills in producing creative work for radio, liaise with arts and community groups, facilitate collective radio production and training, and learn archiving and web distribution techniques.

Work tasks:
Offer trainings in portable recording devices and studio basics; assist with portables inventory; contribute to arts and culture programming: set up interviews and features; edit pre-recorded material; create features and sound pieces; provide technical assistance and engineering for live, remote, or pre-recorded programs; ensure that pre-recorded programs (Let's Get Baked, Radia, Souverains Anonymes) are downloaded and aired; collect arts & culture material for CKUT archives and online distribution; help with the maintenanace and organization of volunteer resources (listings, training guides, etc.); attend and help to facilitate arts & culture meetings; attend and help to facilitate CKUT initiatives such as Radia, Art's Birthday, the Circuit Workshop; assist with community outreach and community radio initiatives including: Radia, Studio XX, co-presentations and collaborations with local arts groups; assist with Training Days and the annual Funding Drive.

Interested Candidates should send questions or a cover letter and resume to culture@ckut.ca.

Production Department Internship:
CKUT's production department provides rewarding learning opportunities for interns. The internship schedule is flexible, the setting is comfortable and the depth of attainable skills is limited to the curiosity and commitment of the participant. Typically, the internship would take the following form:
  • 1. Meet with the production department coordinator to establish an outline of the internship and establish goals and attend all the requisite and pertinent training workshops.
  • 2. Plan, conceive, and complete one or two smaller scale projects to practice newly acquired skills and develop a familiarity with the production facilities.
  • 3. Following these initial steps, the intern will be given a set of department tasks such as: training new volunteers in digital audio multi-track editing, studio maintenance, remote-broadcast installation and operation, production of jingles and PSA's, studio teching for pre-recorded interviews and features, etc. The intern will be responsible for scheduling and completing these tasks.
  • 4. In tandem with scheduled activities, the intern is expected to supervise one larger-scale project of their own initiative and conception. The idea is that skills and creativity are co-developed , which is what the magic of radio production is all about. Additionally, CKUT is rewarded with new and interesting content for broadcast on one of its shows. The project could be an audio- documentary, a sound- art piece, an activity involving other CKUT production volunteers, etc.
Interested Candidates should send questions or a cover letter and resume to production@ckut.ca.

Information Technology (IT) Department Internship:
Working in conjunction with the IT coordinator, the responsibilities of the IT intern are:
  • 1. Maintenance, repair and installation of desktop computers
  • 2. Work under the supervision of IT coordinator to monitor network and systems
  • 1. General network knowledge: TCP/IP networks; knowledge of heterogeneous environments; integration Windows, Linux, Mac (ex. samba)
  • 2. Knowledge of LDAP: general knowledge of computer hardware (hard drives, sound cards, RAM, etc), windows, Mac experience, Linux a bonus
  • 3. Candidates should have strong organizational skills, creativity, initiative, and be detail oriented. Knowledge of the music industry and of campus and community radio is an asset.
Interested Candidates should send questions or a cover letter and resume to izaak@ckut.ca.

Funding and Promotions Department Internship:
The CKUT Funding and Promotions Intern will work closely with the coordinator of this department on outreach and fundraising tasks and projects. The intern will participate in the coordination and promotion of CKUT fundraising events and will lend a hand in organizing outreach projects with campus and community groups.

Work tasks:
Producing remote broadcasts with student groups on the McGill campus; organizing fundraising events with CKUT's programming departments; assisting with the coordination and promotion of CKUT's annual Funding Drive (autumn) and Membership Drive (spring). There is some grant and proposal writing done in this department so if you would like to gain more experience in this area, that is also a possibility.

Skill development:
Writing funding and sponsorship requests, coordinating and promoting events, the necessary technical skills to produce radio ads and the skills to produce and host live radio broadcasts.

Interested Candidates should send questions or a cover letter and resume to funding@ckut.ca.

Sales Department Internship:
The CKUT Sales Department is looking for an intern interested in marketing and design. The intern will conceive of and design a media kit for CKUT outlining our Sales and Promotion information. This intern will research other radio station media kits and update CKUT's existing materials including rate sheets, fact sheets, brochures and general marketing information.

Marketing knowledge/experience; familiarity with CKUT programming and culture; design skillss using Photoshop, Indesign or equivalent programmes; ability to translate English to French is an asset.

Interested Candidates should send questions or a cover letter and resume to sales@ckut.ca.

Translation Internship

Radio CKUT is a listener-supported station. Once a year in the fall Radio CKUT runs a 10 day Funding Drive where we ask listeners to donate to Radio CKUT. This Drive is a large endeavor and a core source of funding for the station.

Radio CKUT is an exciting, fast-paced environment that operates in real live-radio time. This translation placement would be suited to anyone interested in working in media or communications, fundraising, or the non-profit sector.

The translation intern would work closely with the Funding & Outreach Coordinator, the Funding Drive Assistant, and station staff and volunteers to translate a variety of Funding Drive texts from English to French. Materials to translate would range from formal letters to informal Facebook posts. The Funding & Outreach Coordinator and Funding Drive Assistant would be producing new English-language text throughout the course of the internship that the intern would be asked to translate. CKUT is a fast-paced environment, and turn-around times from writing to translation to publishing would be fairly quick.

We would ask the Translation Intern to translate a variety of texts including:

-text for CKUT's Funding Drive website and donor database
-facebook and blog posts
-email newsletters
-letters to donors and sponsors
-text for a variety of print materials (for t-shirts, posters, fliers, etc)
-instructions and information for CKUT programmers and volunteers

Duration of Practicum: September to December 2010

Schedule and Hours of Practicum: ideally the translation intern wouldwork 10 hours per week at Radio CKUT 90.3 FM, located at 3647 University Ave.
An exact schedule including days and times would be coordinated with the Funding & Outreach Coordinator.

For more information please contact Erin Weisgerber, Funding & Outreach Coordinator, Radio CKUT 90.3FM at funding@ckut.ca or 514-448-4041 x8991

Field of Social Work Internship

CKUT Radio at McGill offers an internship for students in the McGill School of Social Work. Social work students have a chance to participate in various aspects of Radio CKUT.

Social Work Intern Responsibilities

Social Work interns will work closely with with two collective radio programs: the Avalanche and the Inter-Tribal Youth Centre Radio Program.

Avalanche Radio Program: a weekly program hosted and produced by individuals with intellectual and physical disAbilities which focuses on issues impacting people with intellectual and physical disAbilities. The Avalanche members host a show once a week and produce content for a show once a month.

Inter-Tribal Youth Center (ITYC) in Montreal Radio Program: Interns will facilitate media workshops at the ITYC in their radio room and do on-site recording. These workshops will cover interview skills, digital editing, reading on air and recording music. On the last Tuesday of every month the interns will join youth from the ITYC and CKUT volunteers who tech and host the program Native Solidarity News form 6-7 PM. The program includes Aboriginal news, storytelling, interviews and music.

Social work interns will work with CKUT to recruit new members from marginalized communities.

Social work interns will have the chance to participate in short term projects and programs, for example working with Prison Radio or Older Women Live radio shows, or month long radio camps for adults living with mental illness, youth at risk or the refugee population. Student interns also have the opportunity to create their own projects.

More About the Internship

CKUT aims to reach out to marginalized communities and produce local news that is underreported or unrepresented in the mainstream media. Both the Avalanche and the ITYC project offer radio training to individuals who would not otherwise have the opportunity to gain these skills. Students will become a resource for the groups they work with and will facilitate the development of technical capability and overall agency of the individuals and groups they work with.

Social work interns at CKUT will gain a greater understanding of the role media plays in social work practices and will also learn to adapt their interview, process recording and problem identification skills to a unique enivronment. Students will monitor new group dynamics to ensure that all group members are having positive group experiences. Ultimately social work interns at CKUT will help in the evolution of the shows they are involved with and the self-empowerment of the members of these shows.

*All Interns have access to basic and advanced radio training *For more information McGill social work students should contact their Field Placement Coordinator and Courtney at news@ckut.ca.