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The Past 20 Years.....

It's not like this all started yesterday. CKUT just celebrated its 20th anniversary on the FM dial. In November 1987, the good people of CFRM (CKUT's call letters pre-FM days) convinced the CRTC (Canadian Radio and Television Commission) that they were worthy of the coveted spot on the FM dial.

In an editorial written in November 1987 in KRAK, CKUT's one-time programming guide and magazine, editor Patrick Hamou wrote:

"A collection of courageous, albeit naive, souls wandered into the wonderful world of FM radio this summer. The intrepid programmers of CKUT grappled with principles, alternatives, renovations, regulations, subjugations, transmissions, transmitters etc.... The local alternative music scene will be unearthed for those who don't really want to know "Who's That Girl" is. And our definition of alternative is not limited to rock music but also encompasses classical, jazz, calypso, reggae, funk, blues and even Indian sitar music. A veritable smorgasbord of tunes.... The transition to CKUT 90.3FM/Radio McGill represents a rebirth. We expect some growing pains over the next couple of years and are counting on your words of support, encouragement, criticism and suggestions to guide us as we beam out that alternative programming over the airwaves at 90.3. Think about it, laugh at it, or rage at it....but above all DEAL WITH IT!"

Things haven't changed too much, we may be slightly more organized with policies and procedures in place but the spirit of the station has remained - we do it for the love, we do it because we care about the city we live in, we do it because we want to encourage creative and vibrant communities, we do it because we are all here, in it together and we want to make it work.

Our call for volunteers reads the same as it did 20 years ago...."no experience necessary, only innovative ideas, enthusiasm, and a keen desire to increase the breadth of broadcasting in the city."

CKUT's programming adds up to nearly a quarter million hours of independent, freeform broadcast programming: no playlists, no corporate sponsorships, no traffic reports, no political pundits, no ads for home security, no marketing demographic. It's the real deal and definitely worth supporting.