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Here is what has been going on....

CKUT's Circuit Workshop Orchestra at the 2008 edition of Kid's Pop.

Jammin' on circuits.

AJ, our music librarian playing with the boxes at Kid's Pop.

Circuits and balloons - what more could a guy ask for....

Saturday, June 14th, 2008 The Intergalactic Christening of MCR
Members of the Sun Ra Arkestra joined us for the inauguration of our newly renovated on-air studio.
Marshall Allen, Michael Ray, and Ray Scott graced the new studio with tales of the Sun Ra Experience.
Check out the interview on Funky Revolutions.

Khalid of Funky Revolutions and Marshall Allen of the Sun Ra Arkestra in the new studio

In a grand ceremony, the CKUT "High Programmers" officially inaugurated the new studio and
exorcised the spirits of "radio feedback," "technical mishaps," and "awkward radio babble."

High Programmers #1, #2 and #3

The Garden Partyers

CKUT volunteers in 1987

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