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CKUT offers a variety of advertising services for small businesses, cultural events promoters and non-profit, community or student organizations. Advertising on CKUT is an effective way to reach particular communities in Montreal. It is inexpensive and reaches specific, attentive audiences. And your ad will not be lost in a barrage of commercial hype. Contact the Sales Department for specific rates.

CKUT offre une varieté des services de publicité aux petits marchands, organisateurs des événements culturelles, organisations à but non-lucratif et associations des étudiants.

CO-PRESENTATIONS (CKUT SPONSORSHIP) CKUT is interested in presenting a wide spectrum of cultural and community events. We consider all sorts of musical projects especially those from local performers, projects with an adventurous edge and receiving airplay on our station. In addition, we co-present non-musical events such as theater, dance, public forums, film screenings, non-profit special interests group fund-raisers, lectures, etc.. If you have an event that does not fall within the above categories, CKUT is open to suggestions.

CKUT a intérêt à présenter une large gamme d'événements culturels et communautaires. Nous considérons toutes sortes de projets musicaux, en particulier ceux d'artistes locaux, ceux avec un côté aventurier, et recevant du temps où ils seront joués sur notre station. De plus, nous co-présentions des événements non musicaux tels que du théâtre, de la danse, des forums publiques, des projections de films, des intérêts spéciaux sans profits, des levées de fonds de groupes, des conférences, etc. Si vous avez un événement qui ne tombe pas dans les catégories ci-dessus, CKUT est ouvert aux suggestions.


In exchange, the event organizer agrees to place our logo on all promotional materials for the event (posters, flyers, print advertising, etc.). We also ask that you pick up CKUT promotional material to be displayed at the event.

Although, the retail value of this package is over $1000.00, CKUT Co-Presentations are available at $300.00 (plus taxes). CKUT may agree to negotiate this fee on a sliding scale with a minimum charge to cover administration/production and airtime. This decision will be made by the Steering Committee upon evaluation of your proposal.

You can submit your Co-Presentation proposal to CKUT's Steering Committee by completing the form linked here.