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CKUT POLICY BOOK (a.k.a. The Blue Book)

Don't be shy! Contact your volunteer reps or staff coordinator regarding your programming and station concerns


2011 Collective management REPORT
2011 Board of Directors REPORT
2011 Programming Committee REPORT
2011 Sales Department REPORT
2011 Music Department REPORT
2011 Production Department REPORT
2011 Funding and Outreach REPORT
2011 Community News Collective REPORT
2011 Spoken Word/ Culture Department REPORT


CKUT's various committees assemble to discuss and debate everything from the meaning of "alternative" media to who will fix the downstairs toilet.
Participating on a CKUT committee can be sometimes fascinating, sometimes excrutiating and often challenging.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is CKUT's executive body, meeting weekly to discuss the administrative affairs of the station, short and long term planning, station events, etc.
The committee is composed of staff and volunteer representatives, but community members and station volunteers are welcome to attend meetings.

Steering Committee Reps 2011-2012
McGill Student Rep -- mcgillstudentrep (at)ckut.ca: OPEN
Music Rep -- musicrep (at) ckut.ca : Karen R.
Spoken Word Rep -- spokenrep (at) ckut.ca: Jasmine W.
Production Rep-- productionrep (at) ckut.ca: Alanna M.

Programming Committee

Mandated to monitor, review and schedule all on-air activites, this committee is a big deal.
The committee also approves new program proposals and special programming projects.
Members are elected volunteers and represent different aspects of CKUT programming.
The committee meets once every week.

Programming Committee Reps 2011-2012
Music Reps (2) -- Nick C. , Kerry M.
Spoken Word Rep -- Victoria N.
Community News Rep -- Katy H
Community Volunteer Rep -- David T.
McGill Student Rep -- Rae D.
Francophone Rep -- Eugenie B.
Black Block Rep -- Jasmine W.
Women/Trans Rep -- Swan K.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors reads the fine print, approves the annual budget, engages in community outreach and keeps CKUT's eye on the bigger picture. As well, they enjoy the perks of juice and cookies.
Directors are McGill students, McGill faculty and administrators, CKUT volunteers, staff and members of the general Montreal community.

Board of Directors 2010-2011
2 Elected SSMU (Student Society of McGill University) Representatives -- Niko Block, Carol Fraser --
Appointed SSMU (Student Society of McGill University) Representative -- Myriam Zaidi (SSMU Vice President External Affairs)
Appointed PGSS (Post Graduate Student Society) Representative -- Gretchen King
CKUT Steering Committee Representative -- Caitlin Manicom
CKUT Staff Representative -- Louise Burns
CKUT Volunteer Representative -- Anna Leventhal (Chair of the Board)
McGill Administrative/Support Staff Representative -- Danielle Hay
2 McGill Faculty Representatives -- Darin Barney -- Tina Piper
2 Community Representatives -- Fortner Anderson --

Board of Directors bios

Grievance Committee

The purpose of the Grievance Committee is to review complaints entailing decisions made by the Steering or Programming Committees, or any other internal dispute which cannot otherwise be resolved.
The Grievance Committee holds no regular meetings; it meets only when the need arises.

For comments or complaints regarding on-air programming please contact CKUT HERE

For more information on correct grievance proceedures please contact the Chair of CKUT's Board of Directors at chair [at] ckut [dot] ca.
Also see Appendix 2: Grievance Proceedures in CKUT's Blue Book of policy.
Do not contact Grievance Committee Reps directly.